Exploring Developments in Liverpool: New Buy-to-Let Opportunities

Introduction to Developments in Liverpool

Liverpool, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic history, is currently experiencing a surge in new developments. This wave of construction and urban renewal is largely driven by high demand and robust economic growth in the area. As more people are drawn to Liverpool for its employment opportunities, educational institutions, and lively cultural scene, the need for modern residential and commercial spaces has skyrocketed. Consequently, a variety of new developments in Liverpool are springing up to meet this demand, transforming the city’s skyline and infrastructure.

The developments in Liverpool are not just limited to housing; they also encompass commercial, recreational, and infrastructural projects. Significant investments are being funneled into the city’s waterfront, enhancing its appeal and functionality. This economic growth is fueled by a mix of public and private sector investments, making Liverpool an attractive destination for both businesses and residents. The city’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in these new developments, which aim to create a modern, thriving urban environment that respects and enhances its historical charm.

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In this article, I’ll be showcasing several exciting investment opportunities that we at 365 Invest have to offer. These buy-to-let developments in Liverpool represent prime real estate investments in one of the UK’s most dynamic and rapidly growing cities.

Merseyside Central

Spanning four floors and featuring on-site parking, these apartments exemplify contemporary and stylish living. They include fully equipped kitchens with integrated appliances and modern bathroom designs, making them ideal for students and young professionals moving to the Merseyside area. As one of the key developments in Liverpool, Merseyside Central provides essential, high-quality housing for local residents while also offering an attractive investment opportunity for landlords.

With prices starting at £81,950, these developments in Liverpool offer an affordable yet promising investment opportunity. The properties consist of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. Investors can benefit from parking availability and a secure 999-year lease, providing long-term stability. Offering impressive 8% NET yields, these properties boast a high-quality finish, ensuring tenant satisfaction and sustained demand. They are situated in a well-connected location with excellent transport links and appeal to many tenants. With approximately 100,000 students in close proximity and 12 universities within a 30-minute radius, these developments promise a consistent stream of potential tenants, making them an attractive choice for investors seeking steady rental income.

Tobacco Warehouse

The Tobacco Warehouse will accommodate 538 apartments, showcasing expansive open-plan duplex living areas reminiscent of the stylish loft living seen in New York City. This redevelopment aims to rejuvenate the neighbourhood, fostering a vibrant and versatile community ideal for both professional pursuits and recreational activities.

Located just a brief stroll away from Liverpool’s vibrant business, shopping, and cultural centres, Tobacco Warehouse enjoys a prime position. Residents can easily access amenities, including modern offices, art galleries, fine dining venues, and renowned music halls. Everything that defines Liverpool’s unique charm is conveniently within reach, right at your doorstep.

Cambridge Terrace at Scholars Court

Cambridge Terrace at Scholars Court provides luxurious living spaces for both students and professionals drawn to this vibrant city. The property features top-of-the-line fixtures and fittings, a 24-hour concierge service, keyless entry, landscaped gardens, and a central courtyard. Its prime location, near the city centre and Albert Dock, makes it an exceptional buy-to-let opportunity. 

Starting at £199,238, these one—and two-bedroom apartments are scheduled for completion in Q2 2025. They feature parking and a 999-year lease. With potential 6% NET yields, they are centrally located and include landscaped gardens, a communal courtyard, and a 24-hour concierge service.

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The Penthouses at Westminster Park

The Penthouses span the top three floors of the East and West buildings at Westminster Park, bathing in natural light and offering a serene escape from the bustling city below. Residents enjoy access to a gym and communal area, while investors can benefit from a high-yield return on this in-demand asset, with the added perk of permitted short-term rentals. 

Luxury Penthouses starting from £167,042 offer exceptional value with an impressive 11% NET return and allow for short-term lettings. A 20% deposit ensures security, backed by deposit protection. Residents enjoy convenient amenities such as an on-site gym, a communal courtyard, and parking facilities. Additionally, the development includes commercial space, enhancing its appeal as both a residential and investment opportunity.

Central East at Westminster Park

Central East at Westminster Park enjoys a prime location near Liverpool’s city centre. This development features 114 modern studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments, available in various configurations across six floors, all designed with luxury living in mind. Prices start at £209,950 for these stunning apartments, with parking available. The property includes a deposit protection bond, a £5000 reservation fee, and a 999-year lease with 0% ground rent. Conveniently located just 10 minutes from Liverpool’s wat

Central West at Westminster Park

Developments in Liverpool continue to thrive with Central West at Westminster Park, a fabulous new high-end project near the vibrant city centre. Prices for these contemporary studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments in one of the latest developments in Liverpool start from £181,890. Offering up to 10% NET yields, this development can come with parking if required, a 999-year lease, and is set for completion in Q4 2024. Residents will benefit from balconies with stunning city views, a fully equipped gym, an on-site coffee shop, and beautifully landscaped communal gardens. These amenities make it one of the most attractive developments in Liverpool for both residents and investors alike.

Developments in Liverpool

Conclusion to Developments in Liverpool

Investing in Liverpool presents a compelling opportunity due to the city’s dynamic growth and robust economic landscape. The recent surge in developments in Liverpool is a testament to its increasing demand for modern residential and commercial spaces. These developments not only cater to the rising population of students, professionals, and families but also enhance the city’s infrastructure and amenities, making it a more attractive place to live and work. With projects that emphasise contemporary living, energy efficiency, and high-quality amenities, Liverpool is positioning itself as a forward-thinking urban centre.

Moreover, the developments in Liverpool offer attractive investment returns, with high NET yields, short and long-term leasing options. The city’s commitment to sustainable and innovative construction ensures that these properties meet the evolving needs of modern residents. As Liverpool continues to thrive economically, driven by diverse sectors such as education, technology, and tourism, investing in these developments provides a unique opportunity to capitalise on the city’s growth. By choosing to invest in Liverpool, investors can benefit from the city’s upward trajectory, making it a smart and lucrative choice for both immediate returns and long-term gains.

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