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Newcastle upon Tyne, often referred to as Newcastle is a city with increasing demand for student and professional rental property making it a very desirable choice for buy-to-let investment. This vibrant city in northeastern England known for its rich history, cultural attractions, and excellent shopping opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for high-street fashion, independent boutiques, or unique local products, Newcastle has something to offer for every shopper. Here’s some helpful information about shopping in Newcastle:

Eldon Square: Located in the heart of the city centre, Eldon Square is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. It houses over 150 stores, including popular brands like John Lewis, Fenwick, Apple, and Zara. You’ll find a wide range of fashion, electronics, homeware, and beauty products here.

Northumberland Street: As one of the busiest shopping streets in Newcastle, Northumberland Street is lined with a variety of shops, department stores, and eateries. Here, you’ll find well-known retailers like Primark, H&M, Marks & Spencer, and Debenhams.

Grainger Market: For a unique shopping experience, head to Grainger Market. This historic indoor market offers a diverse range of stalls selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, clothing, crafts, and more. It’s an excellent place to find local and independent vendors.

Newcastle Quayside: Located along the picturesque River Tyne, Newcastle Quayside offers a different shopping experience. You’ll find a mix of art galleries, antique shops, and independent boutiques here. The Sunday Quayside Market is also worth a visit, offering a variety of goods, including crafts, food, and vintage items.

Metrocentre: While not located in Newcastle itself, the Metrocentre in nearby Gateshead is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe. It boasts over 330 stores, including major brands like House of Fraser, Primark, and Apple. You can easily reach the Metrocentre from Newcastle via public transportation.

Independent stores: Newcastle has a thriving independent shopping scene. In areas like Jesmond, Ouseburn, and High Bridge, you’ll find a range of unique boutiques, vintage shops, and artisanal stores. These areas are perfect for discovering one-of-a-kind fashion, artwork, jewellery, and home decor.

Fenwick: Fenwick is a renowned department store in Newcastle, located on Northumberland Street. It offers a luxurious shopping experience, with a wide range of designer brands, cosmetics, home goods, and a delightful food hall.

Additionally, Newcastle has several shopping centres and retail parks located throughout the city, offering convenience and a diverse selection of stores. The city centre is relatively compact, making it easy to explore and navigate the various shopping areas on foot. Public transportation, including buses and the Metro system, also provide convenient access to different shopping destinations.

As a student, shopping in Newcastle can be a fun and budget-friendly experience. Many stores and businesses in Newcastle offer student discounts, so always carry your student ID with you and ask about available discounts. These discounts can range from clothing retailers to cinemas, restaurants, and even public transportation.

Newcastle has a thriving vintage and thrift store scene, which is perfect for students on a budget. Stores like Flip, Beyond Retro, and Charity Shops in the city centre and Jesmond area offer second-hand clothing, accessories, and furniture at affordable prices.

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