Known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Derby has a rich history. The cities industries and student population attract those looking for rental accommodation, making derby property investment a good choice for buy-to-let investors.

Derby: A City Guide for Buy-To-Let Investors

Derby has a buoyant rental market offering opportunities for buy-to-let investors. This is driven by a combination of factors such as a thriving university, a growing workforce, and a desirable location in the East Midlands.

The presence of the University of Derby attracts a significant student population, creating a demand for student accommodation. Additionally, the city’s industries, including engineering, manufacturing, and professional services, attract professionals who may prefer renting over buying. This strong rental demand can provide a stable income stream for property investors with 8% rental growth.

An Introduction to Derby

Derby is a city located in the East Midlands region of England. It is the largest city in the county of Derbyshire and serves as its administrative center. Derby has a rich history and is known for its industrial heritage, innovation, and cultural contributions.

Derby has a diverse and robust economy with 3.5bn in regeneration schemes. Historically known for its engineering and manufacturing industries, the city has expanded into various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, rail technology, and advanced materials.

Major companies such as Rolls-Royce, Bombardier, and Toyota have a presence in Derby, creating a strong employment base and attracting skilled professionals to the area. An influx of 10,000 jobs is expected by 2030 making Derby the fastest growing economy in the East Midlands.

Areas that are in proximity to key amenities, public transportation, employment hubs, and educational institutions tend to attract tenants. Areas such as Pride Park, Littleover, Mickleover, and Allestree are often popular among renters due to their accessibility and amenities.

"The rental demand, particularly from students and professionals, contributes to the potential for steady rental income and a favorable return on investment"

Why Invest in Buy-To-Let Property For Sale in Derby


Property prices in Derby are generally lower compared to cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. The average property prices in Derby are more accessible for investors, providing opportunities for those with a lower budget or those looking for higher rental yields.  The rental demand, particularly from students and professionals, contributes to the potential for steady rental income and a favorable return on investment. 

Derby offers a range of property types, including apartments, terraced houses, and detached homes. The variety of options allows investors to choose properties that align with their investment goals and budget. The availability of different property types can provide opportunities for diversification and cater to a wider tenant base.

The combination of lower property prices and steady rental demand in Derby can result in favorable return on investment prospects. Investors may have the potential to generate healthy rental income and benefit from potential capital appreciation over time.

Derby’s affordability can make it an attractive location for first-time property investors who may have a limited budget. The lower entry costs in the market can provide a stepping stone for individuals looking to start their investment journey.

A Growing Economy

Derby’s expertise in advanced manufacturing and engineering has positioned it as a hub for innovation and technological advancements. The city is renowned for its research and development in aerospace engineering, with Rolls-Royce’s global headquarters and production facilities located in Derby. This sector’s growth and investment have contributed to high-skilled job opportunities and increased economic activity resulting in a high demand for buy-to-let-property.

Here you will find a strong educational foundation, with the University of Derby being a key institution in the region. The university offers a range of programs focused on engineering, business, and other sectors, providing a skilled workforce for the local economy. 

Derby has been investing in infrastructure improvements and regeneration initiatives to enhance connectivity and attract further investment. This includes ongoing projects such as the Derby Station Masterplan, which aims to modernize and expand the city’s railway station, and the Castleward regeneration scheme, focusing on transforming an area near the city center. There is also the £12m iHub innovation center and the HS2 high speed rail line that will go through the center of Derby. These initiatives create an environment conducive to business growth and development.

The combination of a diverse economy, investment in infrastructure, skilled workforce, and a supportive business environment has propelled Derby’s economic growth. The city continues to attract investment and develop its strengths in various sectors, positioning itself as a vibrant and prosperous location for property investment.

Tourism Growth

The City of Derby boasts a wealth of historical landmarks and cultural attractions that draw visitors. The city is known for its industrial heritage, including the Derby Silk Mill, which is considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Other notable attractions include Derby Cathedral, Derby Museum and Art Gallery, and the historic Derby Arboretum, one of the first public parks in the UK.

There are a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, attracting both local residents and visitors. The city’s calendar includes cultural festivals, music events, art exhibitions, and sporting competitions. Events such as the Derby Festé, Derby Folk Festival, and the annual Bonfire Night celebrations draw large crowds and contribute to tourism growth.

Derby is located near the Peak District National Park, one of the UK’s most popular natural landscapes. Visitors to Derby often take advantage of its proximity to explore the scenic beauty of the Peak District, including hiking, cycling, and enjoying outdoor activities. The accessibility to the national park enhances Derby’s appeal as a base for exploring the surrounding natural beauty.

You will find a strong sporting culture in Derby, attracting sports enthusiasts and fans. The city is home to Derby County Football Club, which has a dedicated fan base and draws visitors for matches. Additionally, there are opportunities for leisure activities such as horse racing at Epsom Downs Racecourse, cricket matches, and golfing in and around the city.

Derby offers a range of shopping experiences, from high street brands to independent boutiques and markets. Intu Derby and the Cathedral Quarter are popular shopping destinations. The city also has a diverse culinary scene with restaurants, cafes, and bars offering a variety of cuisines, contributing to its appeal as a destination for food enthusiasts.

Derby’s strong industrial and business sectors attract business travelers and contribute to conference tourism. The city has modern conference facilities and a range of accommodation options to cater to this segment of visitors.

Investing in Derby Buy-To-Let Properties

Affordability, a growing economy and the growth of tourism in the City of Derby make this a desirable location. According to HM Land Registry figures, the average house price in England is approximately £247,000. The average house price in the City of Derby is just £159,403, making this a very attractive buy-to-let investment area. Rental property is in high demand and Derby offers buy-to-let investors solid yields.

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